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why’d we have to color so much in school.  it didnt teach us anything.  is “staying in the lines” a subconscious metaphor for not revolting against the bourgeoisie

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" Maybe I would become a mermaid..I would live in the swirling blue green currents, doing exotic underwater dances for the fish, kissed by sea anemones, caressed by seaweed shawls. I would have a dolphin friend. He would have merry eyes and thick flesh of a god. My fingernails would be tiny shells and my skin would be like jade with light shining through it. I would never have to come back up. "
- Fransesca Lia Block
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This sculpture is called Juodasis vaiduoklis (The Black Ghost) and is located in Klaipėda, Lithuania | My edit


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Flying Fox, Vampire Bat, Common Bat and Spectre Vampire. Illustration for Warne’s Picture Natural History Animals (Frederick Warne, c 1870).
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Jonathan Swift, Gulliver’s voyages to Lilliput and Brobdingnag (1912) Illustrations by P.A. Staynes
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Utterly charming, this paper moon photograph likely dates to the latter years of the 19th century - one fellow enjoys a bottled beer while the other kindly donates his drink to the man in the moon (hopefully in gesture only, with an empty bottle; otherwise he just made a frightful mess of his jacket behind the painted cut-out!)
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Porco Rosso - Scenery

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A Devonshire Hamlet, 1931
Albert Moulton Foweraker (July 7, 1873 - January, 1942, English)
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The Sloop Inn, St.Ives, Cornwall
Albert Moulton Foweraker (July 7, 1873 - January, 1942, English)
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*so over people using the term “bae”*

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Strafford, Vermont 
National Geographic | July 1974
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Haven’t devoted time to this absolute DILF for ages, be still my ovaries. #gregorypeck #spellbound #throbbingloins

hahahahaha yes
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